The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 24, 2012

Romney exaggerations

Daily Item

---- — Using the same debate tactics as presidential candidate Mitt Romney, vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan attempted to sway voters with lies, half-truths and misstatement of facts during his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.

The actual impact of the Romney-Ryan plan would be 16 million seniors once again having to pay deductibles or co-pays for preventive care and paying $3.9 million in increased costs for prescriptions. In addition, their plan to significantly reduce Medicaid spending and shift the burden to the states and recipients would increase costs for the 9 million Americans who are dependent on Medicaid.

Again parroting Romney, Ryan attempted to trash the Department of Energy loan program for renewable power, claiming the loans went to "campaign contributors and special interest groups."

Multiple independent reviews of the program found no improprieties or any evidence that loans were steered to friends and family. In addition, Ryan himself sent four letters to the department requesting loan guarantees for his constituents.

Finally, Ryan doubled down on the claim that the Romney-Ryan plan for a 20 percent across-the-board tax cut without eliminating exemptions for the middle class and without increasing the federal deficit "is mathematically possible" and "has been done before." As the Tax Policy Center concluded, the Romney-Ryan plan can't both exempt middle-class families from tax cuts and remain revenue neutral.

Do we really want to go back to a Republican economic doctrine that has been tried over and over (think Reagan, Bush I, Bush II) and that has put us where we are now with the rich getting richer and the rest of us struggling to get by?

David B. Kyle,

New Columbia