The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 28, 2012

Replace Obama

Daily Item

---- — Yesterday, I spent hours installing political signs, both new ones and replacements for the signs that were stolen.

Where there were multiple signs side by side, they only stole the Romney-Ryan signs. I think the other side is beginning to get desperate.

They can consider the consequences if Romney wins: jobs available, economy improving, Congress working together, getting things done, Senate producing a budget, and all the things this president could or would not do.

Goodbye hate speech and bowing to other leaders, failed green jobs, Obamacare and other silliness pushed through his first two years with a Democratic Congress.

Treating his own party like he does I'm sure has endeared them all.

When he is replaced, we should never again allow our country to get this close to a dictatorship.

God bless our democracy.

Charles Klauger,