The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 15, 2014

Effective way to teach

For The Daily Item

— As a recent student of Shikellamy, graduating in 2012, I would like to weigh in on the debate about the ethical and educational value of the Health Class and the teacher who is in question. After only learning about this recently due to social media I’m a little late to start.

During my time at Shikellamy I could not begin to tell you the amount of vulgar statements and words I heard. The majority of them made by students in a hallway or even in a classroom. In four years of my high school education I have never watched a teacher sit by while this occurred.

As other students have pointed out, the exercise is to get the vulgar language out of your system so the class can have an informed discussion without interruption.

The method used was more effective with my class than any other I ever saw. The conversation was overseen and moderated by the teacher and not once after that was one inappropriate slang term or gesture used.

I hope the school board awards Ms. Miller (now Mrs. Sones) for her behavior and well-devised teaching strategy instead of hindering her ability to effectively teach students.

To the disgruntled parents who chime in so often, if you don’t enjoy what your child is being taught in a public setting, please feel free to take them and home school them. I for one wish to see this class continues as is with no changes warranted. All I say is I hope one day people will realize what should be made a big deal and what should not.

This, in my opinion, is an uninvolved parent’s decision to stir the pot and create waves amongst the district. Imagine if people got this involved to move the district forward instead of tearing it down! The things we could do!

Cole Brown,