The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 21, 2014

Student Voice: A great favor any time of year

The Daily Item

— Christmas may be over, but let’s not stop the kindness that’s seen during the Christmas season. Every Christmas people are moved to give more and reach out to others. Why don’t we do that all the time? People spend tons of money on luxuries when others don’t have food or proper clothing.

During Christmas many people contribute to things like toy drives, angel trees, and food drives. The Dec. 20 article, “Free Clothes and Toys” by Karen Blackledge mentioned that after the Christmas Tree Program, anything left over was free for anyone. Many churches also find ways to help out the community.

What if people were this giving of their time and money all year? You shouldn’t give only at Christmas just because it’s a “time of giving.” Every day should be a time of giving. If people were to donate food to food drives, and clothing to thrift stores more often, it would help prevent the less fortunate from being hungry and cold, which is especially important in the cold of this winter.

If everyone gave a little bit to help out others, we would be doing a great favor to the community. Not only would we be helping the community, but we would also be helping ourselves by being altruistic and caring. If everyone cared enough to help his or her neighbor it would put some heart back into our sometimes heartless world.

Hannah Domaracki,

Selinsgrove High School