The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 12, 2013

Not a lack of interest

The Daily Item

— There you go again! I imagine that you were very disappointed that there was no controversy to cover at the public hearing on Shikellamy’s middle school plans. There were actually 35 people in attendance, and they were not “tied” to the school district. All district personnel were clustered at the front of the auditorium, and the rest of us were seated well back. The reporter never spoke to any of us so how could he say that we were tied to the district?

I would like to comment on your scenarios for a lack of attendance. All of us may not love the prospects of a tax increase, but we know that our buildings were aging and had to be replaced. As you said, there were numerous articles and other meetings where public comment could have been offered. Residents could also have commented in writing. I attended to see the design of the building and how the grades would be separated. The slide show was very well presented and answered all of my questions.

The cost of this project pales in comparison to what Lewisburg taxpayers will pay for their new high school. I have never seen you comment about the number who attended meetings in that district. As a resident of Lewisburg, you could have easily attended the meetings and given us a head count after each one.

The second scenario you pose is ridiculous. The project is not going to go away when thousands of dollars have been spent for architect studies and the Sunbury school has been sold.

I am sure that you prefer to support the third scenario. After all, one of your editorials stated that the only type of professionals in our city are drug dealers, and our community is not smart, healthy, or safe enough to raise a family. Why would residents of such a place care about education?

Of course, if anyone cared to write a rebuttal to any of this, their letter to the editor would not be printed so it would appear that everyone in Sunbury is giving a tacit show of approval to all of your disparaging remarks.

Art McKinney,