The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 23, 2012

Get to work

Daily Item

---- — We seem to have survived the Mayan calendar's most dire interpretation but will we survive the non-negotiation going on between the president and Congress? Unless they come together to stop negotiating and start working on a solution to the bankrupt economy it is only going to get worse. The key word is "working."

One "negotiates" with an enemy who has an alien position to your own, one "works" with a partner to find a solution to a problem shared by both.

It is clear that the president wants to expand both the size of government and its role in our lives. He feels that we are the richest nation in the world and can afford such an expansive government.

The government is broke, so you must be providing the "richness" he references.

How "rich" do you feel? Rich enough to see your taxes grow to over 40 percent to support a government that has proven itself dysfunctional?

It is equally clear the Congress is stuck in a "business as usual" mode, unwilling to bend on even the most obvious "negotiating" point, the increase of taxes on earnings over $250,000. This will not raise sufficient money to run the government nor will it reverse the trend of the government spending beyond its means.

It would however keep the tax rates that exist for the vast majority of us in place thus avoiding what will be the largest single tax increase in the country's history without including the increased costs headed our way with Obamacare.

Mr. President, members of Congress, get to work. Do the job we sent you to do. As a start why not freeze all tax rates as they are and cut all government expenditures by 10 percent.

Yes, all expenditures from your salaries to Medicare reimbursements, to Social Security payments, to defense spending, everything but the salaries of our military. We will all find ways to live with this by directing our own budgeting.

We will not survive a massive tax increase and a continuation of out of control spending. We all know this. Why don't they "get it" in Washington?

The Mayans may have been off by a few years but the "fiscal cliff" will fulfill their prophecy.

Henry A. Truslow,