The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 2, 2013

Union greed

Daily Item

---- — Will the madness ever stop? I was just reading about the port strike that the International Longshoremen's Association is contemplating at many U.S. ports and I cannot believe the greed of these union leaders or members. These people have no concern about what consequences their decision to strike would have on other people, businesses or the country. I could be more sympathetic if I knew that these workers were being mistreated or underpaid. However, this does not appear to be the case. The news report stated that these workers are making over $50 an hour and are insisting on the container royalty as well, which comes to about $15,500 annually per worker. Is there ever a limit to their greed?

I understand that there was a time in history when employers were abusing and underpaying employees. There was a need for employees to unite under a union banner to stand up for their basic rights as employees. However, today the opposite appears to be the case. The unions are the new thugs, holding companies and economies at bay unless they can fill their pockets with more money.

Who defends the employers' rights? It seems to me that if a person takes the risk, puts out the money, and builds a business, then that person should not be at the mercy of union thugs. I do not think that unions should be destroyed. They need to be deflated a little for the sake of our economy. These are tough times and we all must make some sacrifices to get through these times. When will the unions be willing to sacrifice just like the rest of us? I dare say at over $50 an hour, the dock workers could give up their container royalty and still make a very nice living. When will the greed end?

Brent Lenhart,