The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 8, 2013

Toomey's fresh ideas

Daily Item

---- — I stand corrected with regard to the commission or committee to deal with the fiscal crisis on which Sen. Pat Toomey served. Toomey did indeed serve on the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, rather than the Simpson-Bowles Commission.

However, the point is that Toomey was a very active member of the committee and was one of the few who came up with fresh ideas as to how to grapple with the nation's financial problems. Most committee members on both sides of the aisle failed to come up with any ideas as to how to solve the financial dilemma. Toomey, at least, made an attempt to solve the impasse. In fact, even though he is a very junior member of the Senate, his colleagues regard him so highly that he recently was appointed to the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

Since Obama made no effort to encourage the adoption of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, it certainly is fair to say that he ignored the commission's recommendations.

While the Republicans did not come up with a viable plan that could gain acceptance of both sides, Barack Obama is the president and he failed his responsibility to lead in this matter. People favorable to the Democrats and others who are favorable to the Republicans generally acknowledge that Obama exercised no leadership in this matter.

Ironically, if Republican Leader Mitch McConnell had not worked out a compromise with Democrat Joe Biden, no plan at all would have been put forward.

The word "treason" was not mentioned in my letter. Republicans do not equate the word "compromise" with treason, but those radical liberals who want to surrender American sovereignty to some sort of "world government" and those who are talking about abolishing the U.S. Constitution deserve to have their loyalty to the United States questioned.

Donald J. Ely,