The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 17, 2013

Ban on assault rifles

Daily Item

---- — Sportsmen beware, if this ban flies, the government is in essence saying assault rifles are semi-auto military-style weapons, right?

What officials are not telling you in their roundabout way is a lot of western states allow big-game hunting with deer rifles that are semi-automatic, same as a military semi-auto assault rifle, as well as with semi-auto military-type rifles. Keep in mind, the semi-auto deer rifles and the military semi-automatic rifles both have the same mother in some cases, that being the same manufacturer.

So this is a slow way for the government to slowly reduce the potential threat of law-abiding citizens. If this ban is enacted, it's a foot in the back door. There will slowly be more to follow; you can be assured this is just the start. I hope all NRA members, sportsmen, collectors, owners will stand against any ban and any change to our second amendment rights.

To prioritize what should be done is this:

1. Gun show loop holes -- Make a federal law that the buyer of any gun sold must pass a background check; large fine for selling out of car, truck etc.

2. Mental check -- The name of anyone seen by a doctor, hospital, mental health professional must be submitted to a central background-check center to be entered into its database. If said person were to apply for a gun, flags would go up and he would be rejected.

3. Video games -- All these vicious-killing video games that these kids are playing at young ages. They are planting the seeds in these young kids. Does it surprise you to see the results with these mass killings all over?

So please keep in mind. A semi-auto deer rifle is no different than a semi-auto assault rifle. The assault rifle looks more military-ish, if there is such a word!

Albert Golfieri, White Deer