The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 13, 2013

Lax gun laws in Pennsylvania

Daily Item

---- — On Monday Aug. 5, a good friend of mine was targeted for death by a crazed Monroe County citizen. Packing two high-powered guns, this violent man wreaked his revenge over a Ross Township Council property dispute that ended in the murder of several innocents at the township board room.

My friend is lucky to be alive. More guns mean more people are fearful of, and subject to, gun violence. Guns make it too easy to kill by venting emotion with a simple trigger pull. Pennsylvania's lax gun laws make it too easy to use guns when angry against others.

Pennsylvania's gun laws do not: prohibit the transfer or possession of assault weapons or large capacity magazines; do not require a firearms license or registration or waiting period; do not limit an individual's number of firearms; do not regulate unsafe handguns or ammunition sales; do not allow local law enforcement to deny firearms to a person who is a threat to the community.

In our increasingly armed and entitled society, if you are involved in a domestic dispute, road rage, a bar fight, a clash with an aggravated client or neighbor, don't expect a compromise or resolution as you are likely to be facing a deadly threat. Pennsylvania needs laws that strengthen law enforcement and further protect all of us from citizen's guns.

Ben Hoskins, Lewisburg