The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 19, 2014

Gay marriage in Pennsylvania

The Daily Item

— At some point, everyone falls in love; love is natural. Some people fall in love with the opposite sex, but some fall in love with the same sex. I believe marriage is the ultimate mark of love. In Pennsylvania only people of the opposite sex can be married. Gay marriage has been rejected because there are many people that believe marriage is about becoming a family unit and having children.

Everyone knows that a gay couple cannot reproduce their own children together, so they think that gay marriage is wrong. These people might be surprised to learn that gay couples have adopted more than 9 million children in America. Studies show that children with gay parents have just the same mental, physical, and healthy relationship with their parents as kids with heterosexual parents. This is where the idea of love and family come into play. Countless numbers of children who live in adoption centers yearn for parents — they dream of this kind of familial love. This doesn’t discount what has been known as a traditional family.

In our day and age, the very idea of family has changed. Isn’t it more important to have parents who thrive on the very nature of having children, who love each other, and whose bond of marriage makes that love even stronger?

Gay marriage is a commitment, not only to each other — just as a heterosexual marriage is — but to family as well. The point is love, love between gay couples and heterosexuals and the love both can offer to their families. We need to make gay marriage legal in Pennsylvania. Why not make our state more inclusive to all types of families?

Isabel Bailey,

Selinsgrove High School