The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 22, 2014

Let the treehouse stay

For The Daily Item

—  I think it’s totally ridiculous that the borough council and zoning board in Selinsgrove will not allow a father to build a treehouse for his daughter. I think everyone involved in denying this simple act needs to be totally ashamed of themselves.

I know, when I was young, I had a treehouse, and I know others who also had treehouses. There’s a TV show on Animal Planet, every Friday night called “Treehouse Masters,” that I think these people should watch.

While Pete Nelson builds some pretty extravagant treehouses, he and his crew also built a simple tree fort in one of last year’s episodes.

I believe local, state and federal government officials have their noses in our personal lives way too much. If I were an attorney, I would take this on, pro bono, and take it as far as possible.

Danny Knepp,