The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 1, 2014

Student Voice: The liberty of leadership

For The Daily Item

— The United States of America, the great nation in which one can live out liberty, freedom and pursue happiness, but is that slowly being taken away from the people of this country?

This country was founded more than 230 years ago on these same great ideas, but our founding fathers also knew their priorities for the country and its people in order for it to be the greatest land it was meant to be.

Maybe our founding fathers knew how to create and maintain such a great country because they had to fight for it and did not take any aspect of it for granted; they were common people, just like you and me.

They understood the value of the freedom they fought for because they were common people with common sense, something that is difficult to find within our government now days. Sometimes I wonder as a 16-year-old girl if anyone I know could run this great nation better, not just as president, but the entire government system. The answer to that question is yes.

The people in our government now might have superb educations but do they understand the common American people? Do they understand how hard you and I work every day in order to make it in this world, but we do it because we have the pride of the American dream pushing us on, but that dream can start to diminish when we read that the government is spending our money in a way that will not benefit us as a nation in anyway?

America itself is struggling at the moment, yet we choose to help every other nation out there that would never help us when needed. Sadly, our government is losing sight of what our founding fathers wanted this nation to be. I end this with a quote from Douglas MacArthur hoping that you make smart government choices in the future and that you as an individual strives to make America what it was meant to be. “I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”

Kylie Kuhns,

Mifflinburg High School