The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 15, 2012

Who knows best?

Daily Item

---- — In the last election, I wonder how many people considered God's law, the divine law, in voting on the issues.

Abortion, the killing of babies in the womb, violates our conscience and the commandments, yet there are about 1.3 million babies aborted each year. If we did this to animals, people would be marching in the streets, and rightfully so.

God created man and woman to complement each other, so the in their love for each other they might multiply. To redefine marriage goes against what God intended.

The HHS mandate will force people to go against God's law. If they refuse, the government will fine church leaders and private business owner per employee until they agree, or go out of business. This has to do with providing birth control, abortion drugs and sterilization.

The above happens when our leaders, who are wounded human beings like the rest of us, due to our original sins of humanity, with clouded intellect and weakened wills, think they know what is best for us rather than what God knows is best for us.

Joseph Scartelli,