The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 15, 2012

Good of all

Daily Item

---- — I saw in the newspaper that now a Mennonite-owned business is filing a lawsuit against Obama care due to violation of constitution rights and "deeply held religious beliefs."

I think this is being done by other religions who also have issues with contraception and the morning-after pill.

If this supposed be an attack on so-called freedom of religion -- I don't see it that way.

And if the government would even entertain adapting and adjusting health care to suit not just this group's beliefs -- but that of other groups -- it would be absolutely ridiculous.

I think when many people see conservative Christian groups do this -- they identify with it and agree with it.

But I don't think these people have thought it out really well. It is just as ridiculous as trying to bring religion into the public school or public domain.

If the government has to make adjustments for conservative Christians -- they would have to make adjustment for a wide variety of religious groups. Would certain indigenous people want medical coverage for using a sweat lodge for health reasons, would certain religious groups want coverage for psychic healing or how about certain groups that see drinking human blood as therapeutic?

No one is coercing people to utilize specific things that are included in health coverage and that is true for the government and for private insurance coverage. And I am sure in those countries that have national health care they also have in their countries all sorts of religious people -- Mennonite, Catholic or otherwise.

Does the fact that national health covers something they don't agree with make them refuse to use national health?

There may be people who do refuse coverage on that basis -- but I tend to think most people use the available health care.

It is is unfortunate for a country like the United States to be bogged down with this kind of thing.

Until we start understanding the good of everyone enhances the larger good of society and our own personal quality of life we will be in the situation we are in now.

Alexis Fasolka,

Marion Heights