The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 21, 2013

Leaders who can earn respect

Daily Item

---- — The first successful test of Thomas Edison's electric light was on October 22, 1879. As a boy Tom's entire town thought he was crazy. His teacher kicked him out of school and almost everyone in Huron, Mich. thought him too strange to amount to anything. How odd to think that years later those still living in his hometown would pay homage to him every time they turned on an electric lamp. He was just odd enough to be the one to give us electric lights. We owe a lot to him.

The reaction of others changed so much that when Edison was bankrupt and had to dismiss his employees, they came to work anyway. They would not think of working for anyone but Tom Edison. They would work for him whether they were paid or not. How wonderful that Edison's men were that loyal to him.

Would not it be wonderful today if we had men and women who had such determination that they would not think of being lazy, and who had such character that they would be loyal to someone worthy of their devotion. How wonderful it would be to have leaders who could earn our respect.

Dan Manka,

Fairmont, W.V.