The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 17, 2013

Governor of the wealthy

Daily Item

---- — Once again the nose of our governor should be growing as he tells lie after lie regarding liquor privatization.

In his Wednesday press conference exhorting the Senate to pass a privatization bill he told a couple whoppers. When the Gov. Tom Corbett and his minions tell us they want Pennsylvania to join the other 48 states in choice and convenience they neglect to fact check. Pennsylvania and Utah are the only states that control all facets including wholesale operations. However, 18 states and Montgomery County, Md., are government-controlled in some manner. While I'm not a mathematics genius, I can tell you that's just under 40 percent of the nation having some form of government control.

Governor Pinocchio, er Corbett, also claims "people on the street come up to me -- men, women, older, middle age, younger, children, with their children -- Are we going to get it this time?" Really Governor? Children ask you this?

Additionally, 57 percent of the respondents in a Franklin & Marshall University poll which is a poll the governor loves when it supports his stance, said leave the status quo. Economic studies show the various privatization plans will lead to a loss of revenue of $100 to $143 million.

Mull those numbers for just a moment and consider as this fiscal year winds down the current system is going to have a profit of $510 million. Call your senator and the governor and tell them a loss of more than $100 million opposed to a profit of $510 million is only a ploy to get fat cat corporate honchos that this governor loves more than the core constituency bigger payoffs.

Governor, become the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not just the wealthy. Harry Prentiss 1302

Harry Prentiss,