The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 24, 2013

Stand up and be counted

— The whole four-county area is confronted with the unpleasant possibility of a factory to burn tires being established here, as Stacy Richards eloquently pointed out in her My Turn piece on June 11.

Whether it will be established depends on a judgment by the Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP is the responsible guardian of what we all need and what belongs to all of us -- clean air, clean water, salubrious surroundings.

That being so, why they have allowed the uncertainty over such a threatening prospect to stretch out until now is beyond comprehension. But they are still receiving comments from the public at (570) 327-3636, and at least counting whether those comments favor or deplore the prospect.

If you find that prospect alarming, as I do, please phone them and let your view be counted.

Neal Woodruff, Lewisburg