The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 26, 2013

Protection from scams

---- — Senator Casey has recently proposed a law to protect senior citizens against what he calls scams. This is just another example of a lame politician proposing another stupid law that will accomplish exactly nothing.

It will cost taxpayers time and money to put this law on the books and it will have no effect whatsoever. These scammers never get caught. They operate out of Internet cafes in Nigeria, Mexico, and other backward, lawless countries. They are beyond the reach of our laws. Enforcement would be impossible. The people who are scammed don't even know who scammed them.

I have a better idea. Publish the name and picture of the so-called victim in the local newspapers. Such action may serve as a deterrent to the next greedy fool who is thinking about sending their life savings to a total stranger in some foreign country he couldn't find on a map to collect his lottery winnings on a ticket he never purchased.

Roger Winegardner, Mifflinburg