The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 6, 2012

Christmas wishes

— Dear Santa,

Please bring a community college for Snyder County and any other Pennsylvania community that needs one. For this wish, we need progressive leaders who believe an educated workforce is more important in bringing good paying jobs for Pennsylvania workers than tax-free industrial parks that offer minimum wage jobs with no benefits.

Santa, Pennsylvania taxpayers desperately need a constitutional amendment passed to legalize a floating (adjustable) rate graduated personal income tax to prevent budget shortfalls and surpluses. The present flat rate (3.07%) personal income tax penalizes the poor and rewards the rich.

School districts, local and county governments should be able to levy the same tax in order to eliminate their unfair property taxes and bring them into the 21st century, too.

With private hospital, medical and prescription drug costs increasing so fast, the Affordable Care Act really needs to be amended to permit a public (government) option as an alternative source for health care needs.

For this wish, Santa, members of Congress will need to put aside their partisan differences on the present law and also allow Medicare to purchase large quantities of prescription drugs from other countries, if necessary.

My final wish is the most urgent: an end to disease, hunger and all wars. Santa, you’re a can-do guy, and can-do people are needed to grant these Christmas wishes.

David L. Faust, Selinsgrove