The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 23, 2013

Continue excellence in education

The Daily Item

— I love the Lewisburg School Board, Dr. DiRocco and the success that they bring to our young people in the district. But, I am not so happy with the dismissive attitude of the superintendent and the school board’s president about the location of the new high school to the Newman property.

Blaming the citizens and the media for the opposition to the move because they were not listening seems less like an argument and more of a diversion from the fact that somewhere along the line, the information missed a lot of people whether you like it or not.

If a teacher gives a final exam and 70 percent of the class gets an F, maybe the fault lies partially with the teacher. I think this is what is happening in Lewisburg.

Please, whatever the outcome, remember that the end result should be the continued excellence in education for our children.

Than Mitchell,