The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 2, 2014

Prepare to pay more

The Daily Item

— Having made a trip to North Carolina over Christmas I discovered we in Pennsylvania are so lucky in the pricing of gasoline. We are able to pay anywhere from 30 to 47 cents more per gallon of gas than drivers in Virginia and North Carolina. Most of the gas stations we saw or stopped at were along Interstate 95 as well, where the sheer volume of traffic would seem to bear more costly pricing. If you were driving in Pennsylvania along I-80 it would.

This has always been confusing to me since we Pennsylvanians pay more at the pump due to higher fuel taxes, which are supposed to go towards road maintenance. Yet we have far inferior roads compared to surrounding states.

Now, as the dawn of 2014 approaches, we are going to pay even more so that our highways can get the attention they should. In addition these extra fees (which used to be called taxes) will go towards the construction of the Thruway. I am skeptical that the same people in control of disbursing the funds to road maintenance presently will be able to properly handle the extra funds that will be coming into the coffers to efficiently improve our highways and bridges now.

It will take 10 years or so to build the Thruway which we do indeed need and costs will increase yearly, ironically mainly from the increased gas prices. So how will the Legislature and PennDot cover those increases? If you think we’re only going to have this one increase no matter what the legislation says you are as naive and foolish as our Legislature.

Harry Prentiss,