The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 18, 2014

We can'

By Josh Lederman
The Associated Press

— There sure seems to be a lot of controversy about this new school. Especially the price tag. I read Justin Charles’ article and to be quite frank it’s making some sense.

If Dr. Erin Jablonski thinks we can build this new school for $31 million then I think the community and county should consider her proposal. Let us, the taxpayers, take a look at the $31 million dollar package.

I personally would like to see the school board disappear. All I have ever seen them accomplish is raise taxes.

A school board member made a statement some years ago that they do whatever they want regardless of the cost. All they have to do is raise the taxes. That seems to be the mentality of some and for me I getting sick and tired of it.

Let’s see, Union County so far has three costly projects to handle: The school for $32 million, Great Streams Common for $12 million and someone asking for more money to expand the Rails to Trails which will probably be another $1 to $2 million.

Wake up, we can’t afford it. If you want the Rails to Trails then do fund-raisers. Oh, that’s right, that requires work. If you want to keep the trail clean then form community groups or seek help from the Boy Scouts. Stop asking me to pay for things I don’t want.

If the Rails to Trails was such a great concept then why are there so many individuals jogging, walking and bicycling on my highways.

God gave us all a brain. It’s the top part of our body. For crying out loud use it. For every decision that is made there is an alternative. Choose wisely.

Clair Moyer,