The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 24, 2014

So says the school board

The Daily Item

— Friends, people of the school districts, I come to raise your taxes and lower your standards of living; says ye of the school board.

It is not to better the education but to give our children a better place to play. It is not the adults that we wish to cater to but to the youth, the adults of tomorrow who will pay the bill for what we give them today.

Seventeen million or $31 million is a cheap price to pay for the amount the school district expects to receive from the tax dollars they will give the community from the high-paying jobs we intend to get from their education. As school board members, it is more blessed to spend money we don’t have than to let those go without an education. If we cannot do it alone then let us join by merger with another to help; therefore lowering taxes and take what assets the others have and put it toward our usage.

Yea, says me, the school board who knows what is in the best interest of us and not the community. For the community is only the source for which we get the money, not to make decisions for your children. That job is ours. If you wish to know how it is done, take a look at how Shikellamy did it when they merged with Northumberland, the latter of which went from being a school district that was working in the black to a merger now working in the red.

Paul Leese,