The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 12, 2014

Truth never lies

The Daily Item

— I read with some interest and much concern the letter written by the Rev. Robin Jarrell concerning the American National Catholic Church. The good reverend has taken so many liberties with truths regarding the Roman Catholic Church and ultimately Christianity in general that a response seems to be in order.

Where to start? I guess I will begin with the statement “...this branch of Catholicism has its roots in the second Vatican council.” This is a mouthful of information that contains absolutely no truth. To begin with this organization is not a branch of Catholicism. Just because a group calls themselves Catholic, Episcopalian, Anglican or something else does not make it so. This is simply a group that likes how Catholics worship but doesn’t like what Catholics believe. Furthermore, the second Vatican council has no roots for anyone outside of the Catholic Church.

Let’s move on to this statement “...any study of the origins of Christianity will reveal that the early church was by no means unified in its doctrine and practice.” So how can you say this? It is true that the early church debated doctrinal issues but always came to a consensus understanding of the truth. Any study of early church history and reading of the Early Church Fathers denies differing doctrine and practice.

Again, the reverend says regarding the American National Catholic Church that they have “a tradition filled with a long and treasured faithful past.” If you go to their website it states that they organized in 2009. I guess if you consider how fast Christianity is changing these days that five years is a “long and treasured faithful past.”

The letter states that “...Catholics failed to carry out the bold reforms tentatively established by the second Vatican council.” Two comments here. First, if the reforms were tentative how did they know to carry them out. But I jest, because the changes or reforms set out by the council were not tentative and they have clearly been carried out. What was not a reform of the council was to create a system of syncretism to eliminate the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

Indifferentism is what is being offered here. That one religion is as good as the next. Unfortunately Jesus never said that. What he did say was that we needed to keep his commandments and St. Paul tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” His truth never changes!!

Bernie Huff,