The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 24, 2013

Not the leader we need

Daily Item

---- — Let's think about something. Why does it seem that it's always the fault of the minion underneath Obama, Hillary, Holder and more? Why is it never the fault of the people in charge, who have been elected, to do their job, which is to make sure the people remain safe and free? That's really all they have to do. Make sure we "remain safe and free."

Instead, we've seen government take more and more of our money to give to folks who don't earn it, take more and more away from what has made us uniquely Americans, extend wars that even in their own words have no meaning, tapped the phones of political opponent's like James Rosen of Fox News and not just conservative leaning news organizations but CBS and the Associated Press, as well.

The Benghazi scandal and cover-up of the murder of our ambassador and his protectors must lead to justice. Yet our president, the Department of State and the Department of Justice seem unable or unwilling to provide believable answers to the questions of the press as to "why?"

And can we talk about the IRS digging into conservative's finances for years and denying them tax-free status as an organization that deserved tax-free status for years?

This is the worst abuse of presidential power, or at least the people surrounding the president since Nixon, Halderman, Dean, Erlich.

The president must be qualified and a leader. This man is none of that and you all know that now.

Tom Charvat,