The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 24, 2013

Increase federal tobacco tax

Daily Item

---- — One of the best ways to prevent kids from ever starting to smoke is to increase the price of tobacco products so they cannot afford to purchase them.

Right now, there is still a bill pending in the United States Senate that would increase the federal tax on cigarettes by 94 cents. This one simple act can keep 1.7 million kids from ever becoming adult smokers. And, more importantly, it means that more than 600,000 youth will not die prematurely from a smoking-related death.

I am calling on Senator Bob Casey to cosponsor S.826 to increase the federal tobacco tax. The impact of this bill would be extraordinary for children, for adult smokers trying to quit smoking, and for the fiscal health of our country. It is time to save lives and to protect our kids. Senator, it is time to cosponsor S.826 to increase the Federal Tobacco Tax.

Marguerite Santorine, Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network