The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 23, 2013

Corbett has raised taxes

Daily Item

---- — Beth Kramer misrepresents the facts when she sings the praises of Governor Tom Corbett. She says he hasn't raised taxes.

That is not true.

He has caused your school and local taxes to be increased dramatically. He has also caused the size of the classes your child is trying to learn in to increase dramatically.

He did not raise the education budget every year. He reduced it the first year. He has also caused poorer school districts to reduce much needed services to poorer students. The cost of Corbett's not raising taxes will be felt in education for many years to come.

His refusal to charge his rich buddies and contributors, the Marcellus shale drillers an extraction tax serves only to line their pockets and not to help the citizens of Pennsylvania.

David Reier,