The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 16, 2013

Protect our schools

---- — Midd-West and Shikellamy, two schools in our surrounding area, have had bomb threats either called in or written somewhere in the schools.

Even though I'm not a student at either of these schools, I still feel afraid and vulnerable.

All schools need to be safe learning environments. How is a student expected to broaden his or her knowledge when at any second an intruder could barge though a door, a bomb could go off, or a student could pull a gun and go ballistic?

At Selinsgrove High School, where I attend, as well as the other local high schools, there is always talk about creating an atmosphere that is fear-free with no intimidation. If our schools really want to create this dream of a wonderful learning environment, why wouldn't they step up and cut out the possibility of intruders, bomb threats, and students going on shooting rampages?

I feel that if every school had a uniformed police officer patrolling the hallways, intruders would think differently about targeting a school for mass murder. People planing mass murders will target places that are defenseless, but if a school has a uniformed, armed police officer, that person planning a mass murder would pick a different place. Also, students would be less likely to bring in weapons or leave fake bomb threats around school if a police officer would be walking around. It is said that a single gun can end a whole shooting rampage, so why not protect our school with a police officer?

Reid Betsker, Selinsgrove High School