The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 16, 2013

Penn State sanctions

---- — I am writing in response to Mark Emmert's comments on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" about not reducing the sanctions on Penn State University's football program.

The sanctions brought against Penn State are harsh and unfair, especially considering that the people they do affect are innocent.

The crimes that Jerry Sandusky committed are sickening and horrendous, don't be mistaken, but the punishment is being dealt to the wrong people.

Penn State's football players have been caught in the crossfire, many achieving a dream to play at Penn State, and then having it taken from them on account of someone else's unrelated actions. Anybody who was wrongly involved with the scandal is long gone, including Joe Paterno, his legacy tarnished because of one man.

Even the wins that were earned by hard working men on the gridiron from 1998 to today have been stripped away, the NCAA pretending they don't exist. The football players of those teams won those games on the field; the actions of Jerry Sandusky have nothing to do with them.

Trying to change the culture of football through the Penn State community isn't right. Football is very big throughout all of Pennsylvania, and the NCAA isn't going to change that with punishment. Maybe in the eyes of Mark Emmert, the punishment fits the crime, but the sanctions punish the innocent, not the guilty.

Tyler Kramlich, Selinsgrove High School