The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 24, 2013

Mifflinburg open for business

Daily Item

---- — We have all been hearing a great deal lately in the press and on the television and on the streets about the construction that is occurring on Route 45 in Mifflinburg. No doubt about it -- the road is torn up. Currently, Route 45 is closed from Fifth to Chestnut streets. This section includes the complete reconstruction of the street, sidewalks, curb, storm water facilities and waterline. That section of work will most likely not be completed until the middle of June. After that, the work will move up the street from Fifth to Third and Chestnut. All in all, we have six more months to go before it is finished.

It is an inconvenience, that's true. And it causes traffic to be rerouted around the downtown. That is also true. The work being done will provide major improvements to the infrastructure of the downtown and the major road, Route 45. PennDOT has worked hard with the borough to schedule this so it will be completed in the shortest time possible.

You can pretty much hear a pin drop downtown these days without all of the traffic that is usually on Route 45. That is not good for our businesses but I am here to tell you that Mifflinburg is still open for business! You do not have to go down and park on Route 45 to enjoy all that our businesses have to offer. There is a parking lot on the corner of Fifth and Walnut that is rarely used. From there, it's a one-block walk to the downtown. The businesses are still accessible even while the road is torn up.

Small businesses especially have been struggling a great deal during this economic downturn. I ask you to come to town, park and walk the extra block in support of our businesses who not only have been dealing with the overall economy but who now are looking at a street without traffic. The inconvenience is slight but the rewards are great for everyone involved. Vote for your community with your dollars and show your loyalty to Mifflinburg merchants!

Cherie Ross, Main Street manager, Mifflinburg