The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 5, 2012

Better coordination

Daily Item

---- — The small letter to the editor criticizing the benefit ride for the Mahaffeys has obviously generated a lot of noise, even more than the bikes and bikers involved. Although I don't entirely agree with that first letter or what's been written by others since, the letter by Dee Conors on Sept. 30 prompted me to write. First, to set the record straight, he refers to the Post 201 riders as being veterans exercising their constitutional rights. He referred to the riders as being veterans several times. The fact is that many of them are not veterans and do not participate in veterans' benefit functions. Perhaps he was speaking more of himself but should have chosen his words more wisely. Benefit rides such as the ride for the Mahaffeys are wonderful events aimed at raising money for those in need. I'm sure we are agree to that.

But, and a big but, where is the "organization" in all of this chaos?

These rides have simply gotten out of control. On any given weekend during the summer months, there are benefit rides all over the place causing traffic congestion and noise pollution. Who's coordinating these events and where's the documentation showing all of the money raised and where it went? Should there be separate insurance required? There have been a number of accidents during these events. I'm not proposing to eliminate these rides. I propose that there be something put in place to coordinate them such as permits, not unlike what would be required such as for a parade.

Terry Kropanick,