The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 11, 2013

Unsafe road conditions in Kelly Township

---- — A resident of Kelly Township since 1995, the area is very beautiful, a wonderful integration of farming, residential housing and business. The yownship supervisors have done a good job representing all members of the community and developing programs with neighboring townships.

One area that has missed the supervisors' attention is street repair in the Peachwood Development. Kelly Township recently resurfaced the road with a thin cover of asphalt in the middle of the road leaving a 4- to 5-foot section on each side untouched. In need of repair for many years residents including children walk on the paved area in the middle of the street frequently dodging cars. The areas at the side of the road are uneven, stone covered in spots, and put the residents at risk for falls.

When approached the township supervisors quote cost as the limiting factor to completing the job correctly which would include this small section on the roadside. The current approach seems "penny wise and pound foolish" since the risk to children and township residents continue.

Chris Wargo, Lewisburg