The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 11, 2013

Republicans concerned only for corporations

---- — Our local Congressmen, Representatives Marino and Barletta, in a recent series of votes in lockstep with their fellow corporatist party members, voted to give the oil corporations some golden eggs. The Republican party is now a fully owned subsidiary of the big corporations. They have consistently voted against the best interest of the country to further their corporate masters' profits.

One of the things our representatives voted for was to allow for less transparency from the oil companies in their drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Would you trust an oil corporation to tell the full truth? BP gave us less than honesty as the oil spilled into the Gulf. They voted against the implementation of new safety rules to apply the lessons learned In the BP spill. They voted against a ban on drilling in Bristol Bay in Alaska, one of the richest fisheries in the world. The big oil corporations count for a whole lot more in our Congressmen's books than the fishermen and the local native population.

They see no problem with oil drilling in the Great Lakes, some of the greatest reservoirs of fresh water in the world. Can you imagine what a disaster an oil spill in one of these lakes would be? They also voted to require the sale of leases on the continental shelf in areas which have been protected from drilling. "Drill, baby, drill" means they can disregard why the moratoriums were implemented in the first place. It seems that Mr. Marino and Mr. Barletta would support the drilling of oil in Yosemite Valley.

In a phone conversation with one of Mr. Marino's Washington aides I was told that Mr. Marino accepts the scientific view that our climate is warming and that it is the result of man's activity. I was also told that he agrees that climate disruption will result in many serious consequences. I can only conclude one of three things from these votes. I was misinformed, Mr. Marino doesn't understand that we must greatly reduce the burning of fossil fuels to limit climate change damage, or he simply doesn't care about the future of our grandchildren.

One final note: while the Republican party has demonstrated that its only concerns are for the rich and the powerful corporations, too many of their Democratic counterparts are for rent by the big corporations.

Jack D. Miller, Center Township, Snyder County