The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 28, 2013

Think twice before making improvements

— Sunbury homeowners, you might want to think twice about making improvements to the outside of your property. I have been a responsible homeowner for over 30 years. As a responsible homeowner I spent money to maintain and improve my property. The care and maintenance of my sidewalks is part of that responsibility.

When they needed repaired, I had them replaced. I not only replaced them but the curb as well. They are still in excellent condition. The city is tearing them out but they are telling me that they will be smaller and that I must have a strip of grass which I will have to maintain. I will not be compensated for the money spent on the sidewalks which will now have been an extreme waste of money.

Also my right to have grass or not has been taken away. Evidently, homeowners in Sunbury have no rights. In the normal course of events when you access the sidewalk from the street (where legal parking is allowed and most homeowners park) you step from the street to the sidewalk. Now you will step from the street to this non-functional, nor practical strip of grass which in the winter time will be frozen, snow covered and slippery.

If this was not a residential area with parking along the curb it would be OK, but to have to step from the street to grass and then the sidewalk is foolish and an accident waiting to happen. We don’t have this strip of grass in the business area of the city. We expect to step from the street to the sidewalk, not grass. This area has a higher than normal step from the street to the sidewalks. Instead of grass, maybe they should have put a step in.

Also, sidewalks you can keep shoveled and salted. You might be able to shovel the top layer off the grass but you cannot have it clear or salt it.

As a lifelong resident of Sunbury, I am all for improvements to the city, but when money is wasted whether it is grant money or taxpayers’ money I am very upset. You cannot drive through Sunbury without seeing things that need attention. There are also many properties in the city that are neglected, abandoned, condemned or labeled unfit, but yet we pick on the responsible homeowner and cause them to waste large amounts of money on improvements.

So if you want to waste time and money on home improvements and be told where you will or will not have grass that you have to maintain, move to Sunbury where you have no rights as a property owner.

Cathy Ann Nace, Sunbury