The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 12, 2013

Gun control

Daily Item

---- — On March 23, a 13-month-old child was shot and killed by two teens in Georgia.

This issue is another big reason why we need gun control. First, I do not think these kids should have had access to a gun in the first place. The parents should have had their guns locked up so their kids could not get them. Since the parents of these teens probably did not lock up their guns, an innocent child was killed. The mother was injured just because she would not give the two teens money.

The government needs to start registering and putting restrictions on guns. For instance, if a person has guns, he should have to automatically lock them up. The person that locks them up should be the only one to know the password or combination. Another suggestion for gun control would be that people should not have guns that can fire hundreds of rounds within minutes. The guns should have a limited amount of rounds they can shoot.

Keeping guns and weapons under control is obviously a really big issue. Considering all those young people that died at Sandy Hook, for example, the government really needs to crack down on this gun control issue real soon.

Courtney McCartney, Selinsgrove High School