The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 15, 2013

Threats not jokes

— I read about the recent external threat that was aimed toward Milton High School, which caused them to go on lock-down. I assumed that after the Colorado shooting that people would avoid threatening public places, especially schools. I see that I was wrong.

We are thankful this time that nothing bad had resulted from the threat, but I personally think it is outrageous that people are threatening buildings full of people and come to find it is a joke. I don't understand what is going through a person's head that would make him or her want to send a threat to a school. I am curious as to when people are going to be mature enough to understand that sending a threat to harm a bunch of students is ridiculous and that it will never have a good outcome.

Threats are a problem nationwide, and I don't see a solution to the problem. It is sad that people are threatening other people for laughter these day and some aren't for laughter; some lead to multiple deaths of people. The only thing to be done is to give the persons who made the threat a punishment like the one they were planning on doing in the threat. People need to understand the severity of their actions in these situations.

Bethany Keefer, Selinsgrove High School