The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 30, 2013

Plea for facts, honesty, and courage

— A plea for industrial facts and honesty and courage from citizens of every age.

This Thursday, DEP is holding a public meeting in Allenwood, at the Warrior Run Fire Department Social Hall related to the proposal by En-Tire Logistics to burn tires to create energy. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. when En-Tire and DEP will present their case to the public and starting at 8 citizens will have a “maximum of five minutes each to present testimony.”

I ask the president of En-Tire, will you publicly answer these questions at Thursday’s public meeting?

1. As the White Deer Elementary School is only 1.3 miles away and many schools are within a 50 mile radius, how can you claim the mix of chemicals are safe and will not increase the incidence of asthma in our area?

2. Won’t the buildup of chemicals over time, and especially if there is a malfunction, affect farmer's crops, as alfalfa for hay or fresh feed for a dairy herd?

3. Who are the elected officials En-Tire or its partners have made financial contributions to in the last five years?

4. What is the operational and safety history of En-Tire, Emanuel Tire, and the  National Gypsum plant? That is an itemization of the accidents, deficiencies and fines paid to DEP, EPA, or OSHA.

5. Who is financing this operation and what subsidies, grants, or tax credits will be used?

I know DEP has many good people working for it. I also know their effectiveness is compromised by being under funded, under staffed, and subject to political pressure.

So, every voice of every age matters. Be that a voice that speaks for 30 seconds or the full five minute limit imposed by DEP.  We are talking about a 50 mile health impact radius that also is multigenerational. Not just the living, but the unborn will also be impacted.    

David Young, Lewisburg