The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 2, 2013

Who would Jesus drug test?

Daily Item

---- — The editorial about drug testing for welfare recipients really pointed out a lot of important things of the absurdity of this, kudos to this paper. After seeing the reply from a physician in the Letters to the Editor, I would like to add some things to it.

For one, I don't think any country that would deem itself civilized would do this. We talk about the evil, deranged Kim Jong Un who is starving his people, but then some Americans actually want to put something in place which would put Americans in the same predicament. The very notion that so-called civilized, industrialized society would even entertain the thought of drug testing people to be eligible for food and medical care is beyond repugnant.

What is even more astounding is this is being promoted by many people who call themselves "Christian." There is nothing remotely Christ-like in proposals like this. Did the father, when the Prodigal son returned after wasting his inheritance, kick his son off his property? Demand a drug test? Make the son live and eat with the animals?

You think the disciples went around taking drug tests? Can people recollect "the good Samaritan?"

When we get to this level of mean spiritedness where we withhold food and medical care from anyone, and there is an actual law being proposed in some southern state that if a child doesn't get certain grades the parents can lose access to food and medical care, it is time for us to reflect how far some of us have fallen into a kind of barbarism and see just how toxic this is.

Alexis Fasolka, Marion Heights