The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 3, 2013

Slow down at 16

Daily Item

---- — When you enter high school there are many privileges that you are allowed. One of these privileges happens to be when you turn 16, you're allowed to go for your driver's permit and then six months later for your license. Every kid in high school wants the freedom to drive alone without their parents beside them.

What kids in high school do not know is there are many risks to driving and the responsibilities it takes to drive. The one thing kids do the most when they are driving is drive over the speed limit.

The are so many teenagers in school who are killed by speeding. They do not think about the responsibilities and risks they are taking for themselves and their families. In Selinsgrove, students were killed in recent years from speeding. There have been crashes lately, and many of the students here are very lucky not to be hurt.

A couple years ago, students in another town were killed by getting into a car with a guy going too fast. The man did not think about how speeding could affect their lives and his life. I believe if students in Selinsgrove saw what speeding could do to them, they would be more cautious in the way they drive and would slow down. I hope students reading this column will think about the safety of others and themselves before getting into a car, before it's too late.

Devin Jenkins, | Selinsgrove