The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 3, 2013

Positive accomplishments

Daily Item

---- — Lately, our school has been in the newspaper for some things that make all of us look bad as a school. the bomb threats and fights have made the front of the paper with great ease, which really shouldn't be happening. There is no reason that negative things should be put on the front page of the paper regarding high schools and the students who go there. It is funny how all that seems to be important to our society is negative news. I think it's time to put some positive things in the paper about my school, Midd-West High School. Recently, our school has accomplished and done some great things. Our juniors have completed the Keystone Exams in math and have done very well. This is a big step for us because we have had a reputation of doing poorly on the PSSA test. Also our school recently sent two wrestlers to states as well as a bowler. It also should be known that one of our senior students has qualified for the PMEA All State Band on clarinet for the 2nd straight year. Our school should be known for these awesome accomplishments, not the negative ones.

As a student, I'm proud to say that I enjoy going to Midd-West because it is a very nice school and has an overall good atmosphere. Midd-West is a very positive place to be. Some kids think it may be a funny idea to do some of these bad acts, but it must be remembered that these few kids aren't the majority of our school. Most of the students here are good people and work hard in and out of the classroom. In addition, we have a good staff as well who are well-informed and are good at teaching. Maybe next time, these ideas should be considered when searching for headlines because Midd-West is a very positive place with very few problems. From now on, we should focus on the postivie things that really matter. I am proud of my school; I know what a great place it is, and it's time that others find that out.

Zachary Heeter, Beavertown