The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 9, 2013

Compromise, please

Daily Item

---- — The letter about the GOP agenda has been called inflammatory. However, there is nothing stated about that agenda concerning workers, consumers, the environment, taxes, or abortion and gay marriage that is untrue. The dispute arises with the results of that agenda.

The question is asked if we can look for middle ground and common values. And that is where the real problems lie. Middle ground calls for compromise. And who considers compromise a weakness? Like the question who gets hurt most with sales and value added taxes, (the middle class and the poor) the answer is apparent to anyone who wants to look at the facts.

We must be wary of extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. But the extremists on the right control the Republican party to a degree that makes solving our problems next to impossible. Look at how little Congress has done in the last few years.

John Strausser, Elysburg