The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 9, 2013

State Senate elections and Union County

---- — Recently a Pennsylvania electoral legislative matter was resolved by state court when it finally approved the decennial redistricting map redraws for the House and Senate. Just for the record, if not otherwise noted, the citizens of western Union County (of which I am one in White Springs, Limestone Township) were uniquely deprived, compared to other Pennsylvanian electors, who vote every other year for their local House member and every four years for their local Senate member.

These "West End" citizens, previously in the 34th Senate District seat held by Jake Corman of Centre County, are moved by the new redistricting map into the 23rd Senate District held by Gene Yaw of Lycoming County. However, only even-numbered Senate seats are up for re-election in 2014, so my neighbors and I will effectively go six years between State Senate elections. We were able to vote for our appropriate Senate seat in 2010 and will not now be able to vote again until Mr. Yaw's seat is contested in 2016.

The governmental process is not perfect, is it not?

Thomas Rippon, Mifflinburg