The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 22, 2014

Someone needs to go to jail

The Daily Item

— As you and the taxpayers of Midd-West School District know, I have been working to do something to correct the idea that Middleburg, in the minds of the conspirators with the 5-to-4 majority, is the center of the world while under the leadership of the doctor and the president of the board of directors. The whole plan was to sell all the outlying schools and build great buildings in the name of education. Nothing was further from the truth.

Education was the last thing in these leaders’ minds. It was an ego trip to show power. The serfs of Shade Mountain and the peons of Beavertown and West Snyder had their schools sold and were just the ones to pay the bills and who cared about their education, let them take a lengthy bus ride. I wrote a letter to this effect to Governor Corbett and the state Attorney General got a copy. I never received so much as a phone call from either office. I then went to the FBI. They have an office in Philadelphia to investigate corrupt local government and I was able to talk to them. They told me that the school board of directors had to break a federal law before they could do anything.

During the action taken by the present board of directors to get rid of the doctor, it came to light that proper guidance of federal regulations was not properly maintained and out of one grant the money was not to be used to add personnel, but according to the charges on the fake doctor, that is what happened with the old board with the 5-4 majority. I intend to go back to the FBI with this information but to be successful I want 500 signatures of Midd-West taxpayers. I will set up at the Middleburg Auction on Tuesday and the Beaver Springs Recycling Center on Wednesday one week after this letter is published.

These signatures will go to our senator and representative in Washington, D.C. with the understanding that they will receive the same support, as we receive from them to get the FBI to step in.  

Election Day is coming. With a 43 percent tax rise in five years, conspiracy, fraud, waste and abuse, and north of $75 million in debt, someone needs to go to jail.

Kenneth Keister,