The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 13, 2014

Gun control is no control

The Daily Item

— Recently there has been an influx of shootings in the United States of America, leading to a sudden push to put a large amount of control on the ownership of guns in this country. There are numerous issues with this push.

The government seems to forget that criminals don’t obey the law, so putting limits on guns would do nothing besides make the people who need the guns for self-defense helpless to the wrath of the gunmen. I understand the point that assault rifles and weapons could be considered overkill, but at the same point the right to own guns was not merely for hunting and the like it was also for a last defense against an assault on our country.

Imagine if our military was overwhelmed by some sort of nuclear attack of if it was destroyed while out of the country. All that we would have to defend ourselves would be single shot guns and archaic weapons and we would all be completely annihilated.

Also there have been several countries, Germany and the United Kingdom, for example, that have tried gun control and instead of the shootings decreasing the amount of shootings increased and the amount of deaths because of shootings increased.

It is a valiant effect to decrease the amount of violent crime in the states but it is something that just wouldn’t work out due to human nature.

I desire as much as anyone for the amount of deadly crime to decrease in the states, but taking away civilian guns is not the way to do it. In fact, it is likely that it would cause an increase in deadly crime because people would no longer be able to defend themselves.

Levi Ebersole,