The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 18, 2014

Moving forward

The Daily Item

— I’ve read with interest over the last year about the plans for the new high school in Lewisburg.

Some people for it, some against. I myself am against it. Some years ago when the same issue was brought up I was against it and I still am, and yes, I did attend meetings.

I have always thought something of this nature should always be put on the ballot as a referendum, and let the voters decide, not a school board. That, to me, is the democratic way of doing things. The majority votes rule. Maybe you’ll like the outcome and maybe you won’t, but that’s the democratic way of doing things. We still do live in a democracy, don’t we? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t, I don’t know. Since the Patriot Act was passed it seems to me that many of our freedoms have been lost.

But I digress.

I’m against a new school for many reasons — more taxes, road issues, too far from town. Mainly because I believe the high school can and should be renovated.

Other districts have put this issue on the ballot. Why not Lewisburg? In fact, in May, the State College school system is going to vote yes or no on building or renovating their school. They are also involved with the same architects as Lewisburg, Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates (busy people).

Some referendum history: since 2006, 16 school districts in the state of Pennsylvania have put it on the ballot. Only one, Upper Dublin in 2007, was approved according to the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials.

Remember, folks, who’s on the board when election rolls around. With the exception of Mary Howe, who has the insight to question decisions, can’t say much about anyone else, although they probably mean well and it is a thankless job.

These are my thoughts: $66 million dollars, wow. Lots of money.

Patricia Best,