The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 27, 2012

Poor position

Daily Item

---- — I agree with your assertion that our congressman, Tom Marino, is in a good position to be a leader in affirming conservative values going forward. Being a retired federal employee, he is also in a unique position. I am referencing the recent, conservatively biased op-ed concerning federal employee pay and benefits. In that regard, does Mr. Marino feel that he was overpaid as a federal prosecutor?

Does he believe that his federal pension is overly generous? Is he glad for the health insurance benefits he has received and should other federal employees continue to receive them? Are the benefits he is receiving as a congressman (and eventually retired congressman) too generous? And, finally, what would be his recommended approach to providing equity if it does not exist? Mr. Marino can address this particular issue from both sides and, hopefully, provide valuable input toward a fair resolution.

James Swartz,