The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 28, 2012

What teachers deserve

Daily Item

---- — I write this letter in regard to all teachers, first year through retirees, and to all who have children in the system, and to each of you who will have your children in schools. Think about how Gov. Tom Corbett slashes education more than any other area in the state government, and gives an 11 percent increase to prisons.

I am a publicly educated doctor. I am sickened by the decision of this state to do this to our public education system.

The public education system has been demoralized recently through our online and print forum, and I find it rather pathetic, that the folks of central Pennsylvania have nothing better to do than to bring down, and speak negatively about the public educators of the central Pennsylvania area and their pay. Really? Step in the shoes of these educators for one year … I dare you. I dare you to "take your summer off," I dare you " to take your weekends off." Come to my house for a summer; go to the home of a decent educator for a few weekends throughout the school year. I promise you only one thing. That you will, for sure, enjoy your evenings off, your weekends without 30 kids barking questions at you, without 30 kids asking how to answer their math problem correctly, or how to finish their sentence correctly.

So, before you criticize the educators, and quite frankly the babysitters of your children, think about what you are doing. Before you do that … question, would you be willing to give up your career to "babysit" 30 children, eight hours a day for 185 days a year for.

What happened to the mantra, give some to get some back? Have the elders forgotten that the kids they are so angry at getting a decent education, are those children that will be taking care of them in the near future? I dare you to spend a year, spend a summer, spend a week … heck, spend a day in the life of a teacher with 30 children … then you can talk about what a teacher deserves.

Dr. Jared Fiedler,