The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 17, 2012

Mayan calendar

Daily Item

---- — I always say there is some good in all bad. Take the Mayan Calendar ending on Dec. 21, scary. Some say it means the end of the world. Well if true and it all ends, that's bad, but the good part is on Dec. 22, you won't have to hear about it anymore. I'm not real sure, but I think I have survived five, maybe six, judgment days. Harold Camping, the California radio evangelist, predicted that the Rapture would begin at 6 p.m. May 21, 2011. When nothing happened he said that the end of days had actually begun in an invisible spiritual sense and the world would be physically destroyed on Oct. 21, 2011. Well, I guess you noticed that didn't happen either.

Some people actually quit their jobs and sold their possessions. That seems kind of foolish. If it did happen, you would not have a job any way and the money you received for your sales would be worthless. Might as well keep the job, your stuff and hope for the best. All of this foolishness brings to mind the words of a song by Peggy Lee expressing life's frustrations, "If that's all there is, if that's all there is, if that's all there is my friend, let's keep dancing, break out the booze and have a ball, if that's all there is." If that does not sound familiar, ask a senior citizen over 65 or 70.

The Mayan calendar thing will probably really get out of hand over the next few days. I hope you can keep a level head and avoid the hoopla. You will be hearing a lot of nonsense from lots of different people. Most will have some connection to financial gain like selling books or magazines, etc. Reasonable people say the mythology of a doomsday prophecy fits an old pattern, when times are tough it almost comforting for people to blame a higher unseen power.

Bruce Love, of the Archeological Institute of America, said, "Whatever the significance of the date is, it's not coming from literature or in the Mayan Hieroglyphic writing."

The Mayan calendar ends in December, so why would people think it means anything other than it ends. Our calendar ends in December also, but 2013 promises to be one heck of a year, with the bad economy, gridlock in Washington, high unemployment and a new president. All of the archeological scientists say you can bet on Dec. 22 to be a good day.

Carlyle W. Westlund, Middleburg