The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 17, 2012

Time for conversation

Daily Item

---- — Another day, another school, another massacre. Another young, deranged man and another community devastated. Another set of grieving relatives and another set of tiny coffins. And now, the usual apologists for the gun lobby are grinding their way into action. "This is not the time" they say. "Have some respect for the relatives", and serious dialogue about gun control is once again pushed to the side. But how, I ask, can we show respect to these innocents by learning nothing and doing nothing? When indeed is the right time?

Some claim that the Second Amendment confers a freedom for individuals to bear arms without regulation. Others, citing the "well-regulated militia" clause disagree. All I am asking is that in the names of all our children, we at least agree to a serious, data driven, dispassionate national conversation about why America needs so many guns.

David S. Richard